Friday, September 3, 2010

Switching things around, once again

A new semester seems to mean a new subject for this dear blog.

Philadelphia has been quite hot this summer and limited how much I have baked and cooked. The most exciting thing I concocted was some tomato sauce with my some tomatoes from my garden and some peppers from my neighbor's. Soon it will also be pflaumkuchen season, but that will have to wait.

For the next few months this blog and I will spend some quality time getting to know a plush tiger.

I am quite taken with this project for my Studies in American Material Culture for my graduate work at Temple University. We are doing  project with First Person Arts (link to the left) through the Painted Bride Art Center in Philadelphia. People from the area are providing an object-something loved, something with a story, something perhaps old, new or unfinished, and providing the stories that go with them. Our job is to provide the history of that object, cultural, political or otherwise.  After spending the summer picking the brains of the archeologists behind Washington's Headquarters, I have found the art of finding out what that 'thing' is to be quite intriguing. Less academically minded, the idea of spending an entire semester talking about a stuffed tiger warms my plush animal loving heart.

So whether the semester brings me a Tigger, a Hobbes or any other variety of less well known tigers, I am sure I'll enjoy it in one way or another.

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