Monday, November 29, 2010

New Object

For the final, I had to pick a 'new' object. To save some of my precious sanity, I am substituting a stuffed cat for a stuffed tiger. I attempted to find another stuffed tiger or stuffed wild cat, but unfortunately the only one I know of resides in Ohio.

So here we go. My new object, a Beanie Baby Ty Classic plush cat from 2003.

This a stuffed animal I own and was closest to all the research I had already done on the Beanie Buddy tiger I used for other posts. Officially named 'Chica', my sixteen year old self renamed it 'meow-kitty' potentially due to  sleep deprivation or a desire to avoid homework by reverting back to my six year old self. This stuffed animal was one of two Beanie cats received as a gift. I had them in my room at college. Its matted fur now resulting in a pirate eye is the result of a vase full of water falling on my bed/desk/room freshman year and thus leading to a trip through the dryer.

I would be a bad candidate for the First Person Arts for I tell less-than-invigorating stories about my objects.

I also apologize for the poor photography present in this post. Between the disembodied hand and strange macbook induced lighting it looks much more threatening that I desired.

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