Sunday, January 24, 2010

Switching things around

So, since our public history class has ended, I've decided to change things up a smidgen to better fit my current blogging needs.

I'm a procrasti-baker. When I don't want to do my school work or more often when I have finished a whole bunch of reading or a long paper, I bake. Recently this has expanded and I've been cooking more. In college the lack of an accessible oven really did me in as far as culinary exploration as tied to not doing school work, however, since grad school=kitchen, I have been cooking a lot more lately and documenting it. Facebook just isn't cutting it for my food posting needs, so this blog has become a place to talk about my research or historical musings...and the baking/cooking I do when I want to avoiding said research. 

Oddly enough, I rarely actually eat what I make. Maybe one cookie, a piece of cake, a sample of dinner, but I am not the main consumer of these edibles. Possibly a self induced desire not to weigh 400 pounds, and possibly a desire to not see another pork chop.

So, to begin this fun times, we're going back to Thanksgiving. Pumpkin Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting. I was on a big pumpkin kick for a while, which included an amazing spicy pumpkin soup.

Not necessarily the best looking cookies, but tasty nonetheless. These turned out surprisingly well since I was cooking in a friends  kitchen in which she didn't have measuring spoons, baking powder (this was remedied), or any form of mixer/whisk. It turned out fine however.

The recipe  is here. I did not add raisins or walnuts, and made a simple cream cheese frosting instead of the icing they state. With a mixer and proper ingredients, these are a pretty speedy dish.

I suppose that is all for now, just introducing the new direction for the blog.

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